Taiwan Plastic Surgery | Medical Institution

We provide a wide range of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine services, customized treatment plans with a variety of treatment options, and suitable treatment procedures to meet the needs of patients.

CHIMAY was established in 2012. Our leading physicians have over 20 years of experience in the medical field and aesthetics, giving you confidence and beauty when you step into CHIMAY clinic.

Core Value
We make patient-centered care, by providing delicate, high-quality, legal, and safe plastic surgery services.

Accumulation of Professional Experience
CHIMAY consists of a group of elites who are very serious and persistent in their professional fields. Under the leadership of Dean Hong, the partners hold their skills and experience accumulated over the years in each respective field. They deeply believe that success does not happen quickly, and only the persistence and ac- cumulation of countless experiences can contribute to the best works.

Please Forgive Us to Insist Our Principle
‧ When we have carefully evaluated and feel that you no longer need plastic surgery, we may refuse.
‧ We deeply believe that good quality of treatment and service comes from proper energy supplementation, so we refuse to have unlimited operations.
‧ Good communication makes a perfect treatment outcome. When you decline a consultation for some reason, so do we.