Advantages Features


The Advantages and Features of CHIMAY

Why should we choose CHIMAY Plastic Surgery Clinic?
Professional, legal, safe, secure, high-standard medical services

░ Professional safe anesthesia team
- Preoperative anesthesia evaluation plan
- Full-time anesthesiologists
- High-standard safe anesthesia environment

░ Authoritative orthopedic surgeons
- Senior plastic surgeons
- In-person evaluation and consultation
- Professional specialist authoritative physicians
- Teaching demonstration physicians

░ Fully customized treatment
- In-person consultation by the physician
- One-to-one exclusive plan
- Full medical team services

░ High-standard medical equipment
- Equipment in the standard of the medical center
- Positive-pressure sterile surgery room system
- Medical oxygen suppliers in the ward
- High efficiency air filtration system

CHIMAY creates an environment with equipment in the standard of the medical center

The Environment and Equipment in the Standard of the Medical Center
CHIMAY makes patient-centered care to build medical aesthetic plastic surgery with the medical center standard, in the direction of emphasizing safety, legality, and professionalism to provide positive-pressure sterile operating room system, high-efficiency air filtration system, and medical oxygen suppliers in the ward. The whole surgery is monitored by a professional anesthesia team and environment so that you will feel well to get the medical treatment with that high-standard medical equipment in a comfortable recovery environment.

“Excellent Institutional Aesthetic Medicine Quality” and “Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Quality” Double Certifications

Medical Policy Association of the Ministry of Health and Welfare provides an index of certified medical institution projects for domestic aesthetic medicine clinics and medical institutions. CHIMAY has won the double certifications of “Excellent Institutional Aesthetic Medicine Quality” and “Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Quality”, indicating that we are certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to become a benchmark of medical institutions.