Pico Laser


Pico Laser

In addition to using daily skin care products, phototherapy laser is a more effective and faster way for skin care to improve spots and blemishes on the face, fine lines and pores, and dull skin. Due to the high efficiency and low repair period, Pico laser is the key technology to regain and maintain good skin quality, brighten skin tone, and solve all skin problems.

The principle of Pico Laser therapy
“Pico L.O. Laser” ,with dual wavelengths at 532 nm & 1064 nm, can generate the powerful shock waves in a very short time to instantly shatter the melanin of the skin, improving the pigment spots and uneven skin tone. It can also effectively minimize the pores, brighten skin tone, soften texture, and solve various skin problems at one time.

Pico L.O. Laser, with four different handpieces, (1) ZOOM handpiece, (2) Collimator handpiece, (3) 1064 Fractional handpiece, (4) 532 Fractional handpiece, can target different depths for a more result-oriented treatment. It makes superficial skin instantly polished and brightened, and the laser beam ensures consistent ultra-short picosecond pulse rate, effectively targeting pigmentation, treating scars and performing skin rejuvenation with little to no patient downtime. It offers highly customizable treatment parameters to make right medications for skin conditions.

The treatment site of Pico Laser
Full face brightening, pigmentation and scars,enlarged pores, skin improvement