Fotona Dynamis Laser


Fotona Dynamis Laser

Skin changes with age with dry, age spots and wrinkles, and needs to be maintained. The same is for the intimate part. Whether urine leaking after giving birth, or the vagina dryness and less elastic after menopause, all these really bother women. Therefore, the maintenance of intimate parts has become more and more important for women, and following the opening concept with time, the maintenance of intimate parts and plastic surgery has become a hot topic among women.

The principles of Fotona Dynamis laser therapy
Fotona “Eurostar” is one of the laser companies with the longest history in the world. The company was established in 1964. It is a non-invasive laser surgery treatment using patented Smooth mode ultra-long pulse technology and 2940nm erbium chromium laser photothermal energy to produce mild mode pulse-photothermal effect, especially for women to improve the three major problems, such as genital relaxation without elasticity, mild to moderate urinary leakage, and dry and dull genitals. The treatment process only takes 15 to 20 minutes, which can be used as a new choice for daily maintenance. It has been certified by US FDA and EU CE and very safe and effective.

▍Firming and moisturizing :
Through heat energy, three-hundred sixty degrees of treatment is applied to the inner wall of the vagina to regenerate the aging mucous membrane of the intimate part and produce collagen proliferation. At the same time, it can tighten the genital mucosa, restore elasticity, reduce shrinkage and dryness, and improve sensitive moisture.

▍Prevent urinary leakage :
Pregnancy and childbirth cause the loose of ligament tissues between the vagina, uterus, bladder and pelvic cavity. Energy application is concentrated on the upper wall of the vagina with a 90-degree angle, strengthening the contraction of the supporting muscles near urethra to improve mild to moderate urinary leakage and frequent urination problems.

▍Pink and tender color :
Through the heat energy of laser light, it acts on the genitals with pigmentation and dullness due to long-term friction, lightening the color to a new whitening.

The symptoms of Fotona Dynamis laser therapy
1. Vaginal fatigue and dryness, firm and moisturizing
2. Improve mild and moderate urinary leakage and stress urinary incontinence
3. Prevent infection and gynecological diseases
4. Improve the darkening pigment of the vulva

It is a laser treatment of the initimate parts without surgical procedure, anesthesia, and recovery period. It can improve the problems of aging and relaxation, urinary leakage, and dullness. It can also balance the flora inthe vaginal environment and promote the overall health of the vagina.