Top Surgery (Breast Removal)

Top Surgery (Breast Removal)

As the marriage equality was a major step, gender self-identification became more and more acceptable. We need to respect, recognize and accept the term “transsexualism” with companionship, and give them more choices about external physiological changes in addition to psychological giving. Body remodeling is the primary goal for many friends after self-identification. Top surgery can lead a successful and happy life by putting aside the constraints of the chest by ditching the corset.

According to the shape of the patient's own chest, it is divided into two ways to perform the top surgery as follows.

The first type of surgery: liposuction + mammary gland removal from the lower areola

Using liposuction through the incision at the lower areola, the fat (including accessory breast) tissue of the breast is extracted. After that, the mammary gland and part of the skin at the lower areola are removed and then make skin sutured to change the shape of your breast with flat chest and nipple lift. The incision is located at the areola junction, which is less obvious after recovery. This surgery is not suitable for people with sagging breasts or loose skin.

The second type of surgery: removal of the breast

Excessive skin, fat and mammary glands are removed by surgical operation, and then the excess fat (such as auxiliary breast) is safely extracted by liposuction. The nipple will be grafted back after suturing, and all these procedures can achieve the effect of fully flat chest. There will be a linear-shaped scar on the chest after the operation, and the nipple may become smaller due to partial necrosis or tissue detachment. These are the two surgical methods for top surgery. After the operation, drainage tubes will beinstalled on both sides of the armpit to drain the blood out with the time varies from 3 to 7 days. (The recovery condition varies from person to person)

Post-surgery care - wearing compression garment (custom-made elastic vest):
Before the operation, the custom short-sleeved compression garment should be prepared by the clinic professionals and worn for 3 months post-operation; the tight-fitting vest can help you to reduce swelling, avoid bleeding and protect the incision.

Dr. Hong said: Please consider carefully before the operation. Operation is irreversible!
There exists the scars on the chest by top surgery, and the conditions of scar vary in depth according to the situations of individual’s constitution and incision. The surgical method is carried out by “excision”, and the nipple may be grafted by suturing. There exists a certain risk about the nipple sensation and the survival rate of the tissue. Dr. Hong emphasized the “surgical irreversibility”, hoping that the patients need to make the final decisions by understanding their own situations accurately.

The cases of top surgery