Breast Augmentation with Grafting

Breast Augmentation with Grafting

Autologous breast augmentation is to remove excess fat from the body, such as in the tummy, waist, hips, thighs, etc., by liposuction to obtain the small pockets of fat, which could be then purified and injected into the breasts. Fat grafting for breast is ideal as it allows the patient to take fat from stubborn areas and transfer it to the desired areas, hence killing two birds with one stone. The benefit of an autologous fat transplant is the absence of any inflammatory reaction to a foreign body with natural feeling.

Autologous fat can be filled around the breast implant in women who have had breast augmentation in the past with an obvious edge of the breast implant, and this could make the edge of the breast implant less visible and untouchable. If we want to have good results in autologous fat breast augmentation, the most important thing is that the looser breast tissue creates a more open pocket for the fat. However, of course, there must be enough fat on the body for grafting.

Surgical methods
Autologous breast augmentation uses a wet liposuction procedure with less traumaand fewer complications to extract fat. The incisions of this liposuction are generallyabout 3-5mm. After they heal, the scars are very small and located in hidden areas(such as the navel, genital area, buttocks, etc.). It can create a beautiful shape forpeople with localized adiposities. After extraction, the fat is aseptically separated, purified, and then dispensed into the injection tube. The fat is precisely injected into the breast tissue layer evenly by the needle to create a natural, soft, and foreign body-free breast.

The cases of Breast Augmentation with Grafting