Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery

In recent years, men have higher requirements for their body shape. Participating in road running, surfing, or exercising in the gym is to make their bodies look more attractive. However, when exercise to a certain extent, the overall body shape improves, but there is still one abrupt change without reaching the ideal standard. This may make you start to wonder: “Do I have gynecomastia?”

How to determine whether gynecomastia or not?
Dr. Hong said : The determination of gynecomastia is relatively subjective. In the current literatures and medical reports, there are few conclusions on the theme of “judgment of gynecomastia”. But after years of clinical observations, the identification of gynecomastia is still traceable:

1. It is easy to be agitated.
2. The areola is large and pinkish.
3. Pointy chest.
4. You can pinch more than 2 cm of fat.
5. When you pinch the chest, you can clearly feel that the chest is hard, indicating that it may be breast hyperplasia.

The above methods can only be used for simple reference. It is recommended that patients with related questions should still be consulted by a professional physician.

The surgical methods of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia surgery is to extract fat by liposuction. Theincision is generally about 5 mm. In addition, the excessmammary gland is removed from the lower edge of the areola with the incision only about 15-20 mm. The two healed scars are very inconspicuous. The benefits include less bleeding and low pain, and you can leave the hospital about 2-3 hours after operation. The goal of surgery is not to make chest flat completely, but to show the texture of muscles and retain some muscle shapes as the post-operative effects.

The cases of gynecomastia surgery