Your body shape changes naturally as the fat cells, or adipocytes, can grow or shrink. To achieve the effect of weight loss, the most thorough way is to take out the body fat and actually reducingyour body fat percentage, which is the way of permanent weight loss.

“Vaser liposuction technology” is selective in targeting only fat cells by emulsification, therefore, preserving blood vessels and other non-fatty tissues. In addition, about 70% of the emulsified fat can survive and be reused. This technology can replace the old and highly destructive traditional liposuction and laser lipolysis. It utilizes a patented titanium drainage probe to release 36,000 Hz sonic waves, releasing ultrasonic waves to vibrate the fat layer. The fat cells can convert from macromolecules to small molecules by lipolysis simultaneously, and the liquefied adipose tissue is then aspirated through a patented titanium drainage liposuction tube.

The latest generation of Vaser Liposuction technology can remove large quantities of deep fat, so that the fat cells can be quickly eliminated. The energy released from the latest generation of Vaser is safer than traditional liposuction, and it can maintain the integrity of blood vessels, effectively reducing the blood loss and shortening the recovery period. You can back to your normal life the day after the surgery.

Vaser Liposculpture

Vaser liposculpture uses a patentedtitanium drainage probe. After implanting the ultra-fine probe into the skin, it uses ultrasonic energy to break up and emulsify fat and then aspirated it out. It only targets the fat tissue. In addition to the removal of deep fat, it is also used in the superficial parts without damaging the surrounding tissue and epidermis.

Since Vaser liposuction technology requires excellent liposuction sculpting techniques with aesthetic concepts, the surgeon must have excellent liposuction techniques. It is necessary to make detail preoperative plan for each treatment area as a whole design.

The cases of liposuction