Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginal tightening problems in intimate areas tend to become more pronounced over time with the loss of collagen. Postpartum relaxation, congenital factors, getting older, or gaining weight rapidly...etc., may cause the relaxation of vaginal. With the development of modern medicine, there are many solutions for vaginal relaxation, such as exercise, medical treatment or vaginal tightening surgery.

The latest generation of vaginal tightening surgery

The traditional vaginal tightening surgery, which only sutures the vaginal opening, can only improve the relaxation of the vaginal opening, and the main problem cannot be solved. The latest generation of vaginal tightening surgery is to suture from the cervix to the vaginal opening, with low pain and hidden scars, and all vaginal problems could be solved at one time.

The surgery is to excise the vaginal mucosa on both sides and the muscle layer undergoing vaginal relaxation by aging, and then tighten and suture them together. According to the different ages of the patients, whose vaginal relaxation and perineal injuries are different, the surgery plan are needed for them to back to their youthful state.

Women’s status change with age. According to the situation in different periods, you can adjust your condition appropriately and consult with your professional physicians, so that you can permeant maintain your best condition.

Which vaginal tightening treatment is right for me?