In the process of growing up, women will inevitably encounter problems related to the intimate area, which always makes people shy and dare not to discuss about it. Due to raising women’s self-awareness, they have begun to face up to the health problems of the intimate area and pay attention to the concept of maintaining.

There exists some problems in women's intimate areas, such as “hypertrophy of the labia minora”. Dr. Lili Wen, a doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, said that the appearance of the labia minora is hereditary, and most patients care about the color of the labia minora and the size of the labia, such as too large, wrinkled or asymmetrical. If the problem causes discomfort in the female intimate area, it needs to be treated by surgery.

Most women have never observed or carefully looked at their intimate areas, and they are not necessarily clear about the appearance of their intimate areas. Women may also have excessive clitoral foreskin, hypertrophy and long labia minora, and atrophy of the labia majora, which may cause physical distress and discomfort. All these problems should be addressed and deal with.

● Ideal appearance
● Dark colored
● Hypertrophy on both sides
Asymmetric on both sides, one side is too long
● Both ends enlargement
● Upper end hypertrophy
● With multiple layers, excessive wrinkles
● Rolled up
● Clitoral foreskin is too long

Why needs labia minora plastic surgery?
Dr. Wen provides the initial evaluation to see if you have any problems as following:
•  Pain sensation : Pain, repeated friction and discomfort in the intimate areas when dressing activities or walking .
•  Itching sensation : It is easy to hide dirt, feel Excision itching and burning sensation, leading to
repeated infections .

•  Odor : There is often a special smell or odor from excretions, which cannot be improved for a long time
•  Unsightly : too many wrinkles and too long with hypertrophy, leading to unsightly shape with dull color by long-term friction

How to perform the labia minora cosmetic surgery?

The surgery is done by Dr. Wen personally to modify the labia minora, and then sutured along the edge to make it return to its original position. The use of electrocautery during the surgery makes the blood loss very small, which can reduce swelling, bruises and pain. At the same time, Dr. Wen’s exclusive bathtub repairing method can greatly reduce the repair time and improve the wound scarring and appearance.